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Tell Your Bo$$ 2 Go 2 Hell
In this book, Tell your Bo$$ 2 go 2 Hell, the author, Master Prophet James T. Johnson, simply expresses how he felt when he was working in corporate America and also how a lot of other people feel today about their bosses. Master Prophet James T. Johnson figured out the game of working on a job in his early twenties. What the word job means is just under broke and what exactly the workers will be is just broke, if they stick with their jobs. As Master Prophet James T. Johnson grew in Christ Jesus, he began to prosper in life by dropping the crisis mind-set and developing a Christ mind-set, and starting his own business. From day one he began to prosper. Destiny does not come by chance; it is a choice. Master Prophet James T. Johnson encourages his readers to develop their Christ mind-sets and be bold! Tell Your Bo$$ 2 Go 2 Hell and start that business that you were born to have.
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